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Track-POD offers two types of subscription: by drivers and by orders. 

If your delivery business involves an indefinite number of drivers you may go for our monthly subscription plan By orders. You just purchase a bundle of delivery tickets per month and enjoy all Track-POD Advanced Plus features.

For your choice, we offer 1500, 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000, or 20000-order/month bundles. The price per order depends on the Pack you have selected, the bigger the pack, the lower the price is.

Important note: credits DO NOT roll over from month to month.

Let's take a 6000-order plan as an example and answer possible questions regarding this type of subscription.

1. What will happen if I do not use all the orders I have paid for?

If you purchase a 6000-order package on September 1st and complete 5000 tasks by October 1st the unused 1000 will be lost. They will not be forwarded to the next month. Thus, we strongly recommend you to evaluate the number of tasks completed monthly by your company before purchasing the package.

2. What will happen if I reach the limit before the end of the month?

You purchase a 6000-order bundle on the 1st of September. If you reach the limit of 6000 before the 1st of October you will have to upgrade your subscription to a 9000-order package to continue your operation in Track-POD. When you upgrade you will be charged the difference between the two plans for September. In October you will be automatically charged for a 9000-order plan.

3. What will happen if I downgrade my subscription?

If you decide to downgrade your subscription from 9000 to 6000 orders per month your subscription will be downgraded immediately after confirming the action in the dialogue window. Next month you will be charged for 6000 orders. The difference between a 9000-order plan and a 6000-order plan will not be credited to your account.

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