How to set up Email and SMS notifications with Live Tracking and ETA for your customers?

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With the Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Order subscription, you can set up Email and SMS notifications to your customers both by e-mail and SMS with predictive ETA and a link to the Live Tracking page that will be used to track a driver's location on the map, contact a driver, follow the progress of the route. Let your customers know where their delivery is in real-time. 

There are two steps required to set up Live tracking notifications with actual ETA en route.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Mobile Workflow -> Client's Sites and select how the notifications shall be triggered.

You can select and enable one of the two possible options for sending notifications with a live tracking link and actual ETA.  

If 'Automatically at departure from previous stop' is selected, notifications will be triggered automatically by the system once a driver leaves the previous customer/site. You can also select 'Manually by driver at departure from previous stop' and thus set the task of notifying a customer on a driver. Prior to visiting a customer, a driver will tap the Notify button in the Track-POD Mobile App to send out a notification.

Step 2: Go to Settings -> Live Tracking.

First, let's configure the Live Tracking Page.


General settings

  • Displays signature and photos - tick this box if you want the customer's signature and order photos to be displayed in the tracking link window once the order delivery/collection has been completed. After the order has been completed the tracking page will be updated and your client will see order status, address, date&time, signature, and a photo taken by the driver.

  • Displays client’s place in line - tick this box if you want your customers to see their position in line. Please note that changing order sequence by a driver in the mobile app will not affect information displayed to the client. However you can prohibit changing order sequence in the mobile app in Track-POD Settings->Mobile workflow.

  • Displays the Call button- tick this box and your customers will be able to call the driver right from the Live tracking page.



  • Displays driver's name - you can leave your driver anonymous if this box is unticked.

  • Display driver's comment - if the driver leaves a comment at delivery, it will be displayed on the Live tracking page.

  • Displays the Download ePOD button- if you enable this option your customers will be able to download the ePOD PDF file right from the Live tracking page.

Updated ETA settings

Updated ETA section is available to Advanced Plus, Order Pack, and Enterprise subscribers. Check this article to know more about the Updated ETA feature and how it can increase your customer satisfaction rate.

  • Display updated ETA - if this option is enabled the Live tracking page will feature the dynamically updated time window for the upcoming delivery/collection in minutes. The time interval is set below in Set time windows for updated ETA.


Company details 

This info will be displayed to your customers. Note: by default, the company name, the email and the web page are populated into the fields but you can easily add them to provide the appropriate info.

You can even brand your Live tracking page with your corporate colours in the Style section!

Once you are done with setting up the Live tracking page you can move to the en Route tab to set Email and SMS notifications.

  • To send a live tracking link and actual ETA en route to your customers by e-mail enable the Send e-mail notification to clients toggle. Edit the email body to your needs. You can insert any tag from the legend on the right in the email text to provide your customers with the most detailed information.

Once a driver departs from the previous stop your customer receives a message with an ETA, a tracking link with the driver's contact info. By following the link your client will be able to track the driver's location in real-time. 


To send an SMS notification with a live tracking link and ETA move to section SMS with Live tracking and actual ETA.

Tick the box Send SMS notifications to clients, adjust the SMS text to your needs, and click Save. Note, that SMS will be sent according to the option selected in the Mobile workflow settings described earlier (either automatically by the system, or manually by your driver at departure from a previous stop).

Make sure that SMS settings are configured correctly to prevent SMS failure.

Short text messages in Track-POD are sent from two phone numbers (alphanumerical sender ID is not supported).


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