How to scan goods on delivery?

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In addition to scanning on orders, you can also scan on goods via your Android smartphone in the Track-POD mobile app if your manager enables this feature in the Mobile Workflow settings.

Goods barcodes can be of two types:

  1. barcodes that are added manually or imported directly to goods via Directories
  2. line barcodes that are inserted in the Line Barcode field when adding an order

What difference does it make?

Each of your products probably has its own unique barcode. But when preparing an order for delivery, you can have 2 large boxes with different products, and 3 smaller ones with the same or different ones. In this case, it will be easier for you to scan the barcode for boxes, i.e. for lines in the order, hence the name Line Barcode. 


It is important to understand that one item in the order may have barcodes of these two types, since, for example, two large boxes may contain only pens.

In the app, the barcode from the Directories is located in brackets to the right of the Line Barcode


How does this work in the app?

You can run the scanner for goods at the customer's delivery point.

Open the scanner from the context menu in the upper right corner.

2020-07-10_11.53.21.jpg 2020-07-10_11.53.34.jpg

When you scan all barcodes for goods, the status of the order will also automatically change to "Scanned".

2020-07-10_12.24.26.jpg 2020-07-10_11.53.57.jpg

A dispatcher can also force mandatory Goods scanning. In this case, the mobile app will first prompt the driver to scan the delivery order and then set the Delivered status. In case there is an issue with the camera and scanning cannot be completed tap on the double checkmark in the right upper corner.

2020-07-10_11.54.01.jpg. 2020-07-10_11.54.05.jpg

The app may ask you to enter the actual quantity of the goods immediately after scanning. If you enter a number less than suggested, you will have to choose the reason for rejection.

2020-07-10_11.53.44.jpg 2020-07-10_11.53.48.jpg

Multi-order goods scanning

If you deliver for one customer with several orders at once, then the 'Enable multi-order goods scanning' option in the mobile application will certainly be useful to you.

To enable it, go to the Settings of the mobile application in the section At the customer's point.


To start scanning, you need to tap on the QR/Barcode scan option while on the goods screen of any of the orders.


In our example, even though we are on order #001054, we can scan the items of order #001055.


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