How to scan orders in Track-POD?

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With Track-POD you can scan delivery and collection orders using just an Android or iOS smartphone camera.

Track-POD recognizes QR/barcodes generated internally by the system and QR/barcode IDs imported via Excel, API or entered manually in the Order window. Track-POD supports all types of QR/barcodes (Code 29, Code 128, UPC, EAN, Data Matrix, etc).

Barcodes can be scanned at your warehouse while loading to make sure nothing is left behind, and at your customer's to guarantee that your customer receives the right order. 

To print out shipping labels with QR/barcodes generated by Track-POD select the route, select Reports -> Shipping Label... 

You can also sprint out shipping labels for individual orders by ticking the required orders and selecting Shipping Label from the list of actions. The same can be done by your Shippers in their accounts.

Shipping labels ready for printing out will open in a new tab. Learn more about customizing shipping labels to your needs in the related article.

All scanning settings can be found in the Track-POD Mobile Workflow settings -> Scanning tab.

With scanning orders there are several options to select from:

  • Scan once - the order will be marked as scanned after scanning its barcode/QR code once. It is handy for the cases when your order consists of one box/pallet/bag

  • Volume - the order will be marked as scanned once a driver scans all volume units. 

  • Plt/Pkg - the order will be marked as scanned once all packages are scanned.

Make sure that order details contain Volume or Plt/Pkg value for correct number of shipping labels to be generated by the system.

If you select Volume or Plt/Pkg order scanning one more setting will appear - Unique barcode for each Vol. or Plt/Pkg. 

With this setting enabled the system will generate unique barcodes for each volume unit or package just by adding -1, -2, -3 etc to the order number. Thus, your delivery driver will scan each package within the order.

As mentioned above, Track-POD can generate barcodes internally using the order number or use the barcode / QR code value from your system imported along with other order details. The source of the barcode is selected in the Scanning setting Generate barcode by.

To import barcode value add the corresponding column to your spreadsheet and match it in the Order Import window in the Barcode field

To add a QR/barcode ID manually open the Add Order/Edit Order window and enter the code ID in the Barcode field.

Label your orders with Track-POD shipping labels or your own barcodes uploaded to Track-POD.

Once your drivers arrive at the customer's and tap Arrived in the app they can initiate the QR/Barcode scanner from the App menu, scan the required order, and deliver it. Successfully scanned orders are marked as Scanned in green in Android devices and are marked with a barcode icon in iOS devices.


There are several service messages derivers can see on the screen of the Android smartphones while scanning an order:

Successfully scanned - the right order has been scanned

Unrecognized code - the system cannot recognize the QR/Barcode

This order has already been scanned - this QR/barcode has already been scanned at this location (if several orders are delivered to one address)

This order belongs to another site - the scanned order belongs to a different stop in this route.

A dispatcher can also force mandatory Load Check and Delivery scanning in Settings -> Mobile Workflow

In this case, the mobile app will first prompt a driver to scan the delivery order and then submit it for signature. However, this requirement is not rigid, a driver will be able to deliver orders in case there is an issue with the camera and scanning cannot be completed.

A dispatcher can track order scan status in Orders if you add column Scanned. All scanned orders will be ticked.


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