How to integrate Track-POD with Xero?

Created by Tanya Derevyanko, Modified on Mon, 20 Nov 2023 at 09:36 AM by Tanya Derevyanko

We are delighted to announce our brand new Xero<->Track-POD integration. We have taken into account the wishes expressed by our Xero users and designed a flexible fully automatic flow of processing your Xero data.

This detailed guide might be useful for you during the integration setup process and while using the app.

Please follow the steps below to install and adjust the integration:

  • Go to Settings->Integration and press Install button in the Xero section.

  • Then the integration Settings menu will open. Please press the orange Confirm button after making sure the settings fit your flow.

  • Import orders since - you can select a date from which on to upload Historical transactions.

  • Import from - you can select a source for generating Orders on the Track-POD side. They can be generated from Quotes or Invoices.

  • Filter by status - you can select the statuses with which Invoices or Quotes should be imported from Xero to Track-POD. They are Draft, Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment, Paid for Invoices and Sent, Accepted, Invoiced for Quotes. Please note, that you can select multiple statuses at once.

Here is how "Filter by status" works after the setup is completed. It imports only related orders/quotes added to the system after the statuses are specified in the Integration settings. In other words, invoices/quotes created in Xero before the status change in the setup will not be imported. Import of such transactions can be triggered by editing and saving them on the Xero side.

  • Update invoices with delivery info - the app will update the Quantity column in Xero Invoice in case of partial delivery and void it if the order has not been delivered.

  • Upload POD pdf to invoice -  once the order is delivered and the ePOD is generated on the Track-POD side it will get attached to the invoice on the Xero side as well.

That is it, now you are able to get your data automatically. The app will grab ongoing Xero transactions automatically once per minute.

Here are some integration restrictions might be useful to know:

  • If a Client related to the transaction with an empty address field it will be ignored according to Track-POD flow.

  • The app will delete Track-POD orders in the following cases:

  • If Xero Quote goes to Deleted or Declined status

  • If Invoiced Quote changed its status to any other

  • If Xero Invoice goes to Deleted or Voided status

  • If Xero Invoice goes to Draft status (in case if Draft is not selected in Filter by status line)

Only unscheduled Orders can be deleted in the cases listed above. Scheduled Orders will not be deleted automatically. 

Orders in Track-POD will be updated in case of introducing any changes to transactions on Xero side.

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