How to integrate Track-POD with WooCommerce

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To install an instant two-way integration between Track-POD and WooCommerce follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings->Integration, find WooCommerce and click Install.

  • A pop-up window opens.

Note: there are certain requirements for the software version and set-up.

  • Enter your WooCommerce store url.

  • Tick the box Import delivery information to import delivery date and delivery time slot from the WooCommerce Order Delivery extension. Please see the correct custom fields names and values format below.

  • Tick the box Export shipment information for shipping details to be extracted from Track-POD to WooCommerce custom fields. Click Confirm.

Track-POD creates several custom fields for your WooCommerce orders to which shipment info is exported:

Field delivery_status  

- Once an order is imported to Track-POD it receives status 'waiting-delivery' in WooCommerce.

- Once the order is en route the status changes to 'in-progress'

- Once the order is delivered the status changes to 'delivered', 'partially', or 'not-delivered' depending on the actual delivery result. 

Field delivery_note 

If the order is not delivered the reason for non-delivery is inserted.

Field tracking_url

Once the order is imported to Track-POD a tracking link is uploaded to this field. You will be able to track the order once the route is started by a driver.

Field delivered_quantity

Once the delivery is completed the 'delivered-quantity' field appears in which the actual quantity delivered is inserted. 


To import a note from Woocommerce order to Track-POD please fill in the "Customer provided note" field.

How the Order auto-completed feature works.

If order in Track-POD is submitted with the Delivered status, then in WooCommerce it goes into the Completed status. It does not matter what status the WooCommerse order had before: Pending payment, Processing, or On hold.

If an order in Track-POD is submitted with the Partially or Not Delivered status, then the order will not go to Completed in WooCommerce.


*Please note, that Track-POD automatically synchronizes with WooCommerce every minute. Thus, don't worry if your orders do not appear on the Track-POD dashboard instantly or the status in WooCommerce is not updated right after the delivery is completed.

**Please make sure that your WooCommerce order has a shipping address filled in. Otherwise, it will not appear in Track-POD (billing address doesn't work).


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